About Us

Nautami Patel

Nautami is Founder of PuraVida Wellness.

PuraVida aims to inculcate wellness on all three levels as they are interconnected. Hence integrating wellness in Mind , Body & Spirit

Mission: To help people live joyful healthy life and shift their personal energy as well as living environment by making conscious food choices via biogenic living.

Nautami is a Raw (living) Food Coach/Chef (S.O.L Bali Indonesia), a trained Hypno Reiki Energy Facilitator and is also a certified Medical Qi gong practitioner (level 1) trained under TeviaFeng from the White Tiger Qi gong Academy (Vietnam)

She loves all things green , from plants and trees to living and eating foods which are close to their natural form.

She promotes “raw food “ for health and healing and inspires people to be cosmically aligned with the universe by eating high energy “living” foods and also teaches ”Qi gong” a Daoist practice for healthy disease free and high vitality body.

She conducts Qi/gong seminars, and does one on one consulting for various autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia , chronic stress, and also provides plant based diet solutions.