Our Journey

It’s always about the journey…

When I was a toddler my relationship to food was fairly simple ; if it was Red Pink and pretty it had to be eaten. “ Tomatoes make your cheeks Red “ is all my mom needed to tell me, and I would finish them from my plate in no time. I remember during my teens and upto my adulthood I have always been extremely cautious about my food health and fitness choices.

I always took : “You are what You Eat “ too seriously and believed that I was proactively managing my health and progressing towards mid-life looking and feeling younger than I was.

Sometimes life takes a U turn and you end up where you never expected. In 2012 I began gaining weight despite exercise, my long luscious hair began thinning, I was fatigued most of the time and developed cysts in my thyroid gland. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto.

Hashimotos disease is named after H . Hashimoto a Japanese physician who worked in Europe before World War 1.

Autoimmune means now the body is attacking itself and once it starts there is no shutting it off with any medicines. You must manage the condition with nutrition to reduce and eliminate the symptoms. Unfortunately there is no medicine

You must go searching for “The Root Cause”.

I asked my body where did I fail ?

A naturopath doctor told me to go ask my subconscious or my ‘Spirit”

My reaction was, wait, how do I access my subconscious thoughts.

My body gave a condition which I was powerless to change, cause it had no known cure.

I had to ask myself the hard question. What makes me feel powerless? My body has given me a signal. I have to respect this dis-ease situation and confirm that I have received it.

So I asked what is it in my life which I feel powerless to change ?

Thus began my long at times difficult journey of self- love, healing and providing nourishment to my Body and Spirit.

We are all “Energy” beings and our Body Mind and Spirit is interconnected, it was about time I surrendered myself to intelligence of my “Heart” and let it guide me.

We need to identify unhealthy foods, thoughts, people and situations which “ stress” us, but we don’t love ourselves enough to “eliminate” them from our life.

Raw (living ) food and Medical QiGong has played a substantial role in this healing journey.

This journey has been learning about pure “energy” of Food, to being a Certified Raw (living) Food Coach/chef (Bali Indonesia) and getting closer to getting my auto immunity into remission

I enrolled in Teacher Certification for 5 Element Medical QiGong( White Tiger school at Chiang Mai Thailand )

With the support of a daily practice of QiGong, Meditation, a whole foods diet, mainly Raw plant based, which strongly supports my love for the environment and my overall health and well-being, I can feel an indescribable effect on the way I see the world and live my life in every moment. I truly believe that we have everything we need, within us.

“Pura Vida” is my endeavour to bring awareness about Raw (living) food, changing lifestyle and think food in terms of nutrition and not calories.

Each day I live an inspired life sharing, educating and empowering people towards health. The connection between us and the universe is through energy, hence undertaking health practices with “live” Raw foods, shifting energetic blockages with QiGong, and living inspired life thereby coaching for personal empowerment.