Our Philosophy

Albert Einstein the great scientist shattered the Newtonian universe by asserting that human beings are not isolated islands unto themselves. We are composed of “energy” and “energy fields” which inter connect us to all things.

Like the air we breathe, & the water we drink frequencies are all around us resonating through all life forms and entire Universe.

Food we eat has a spiritual & energetic signature on the Body Mind and Spirit.

Living or raw plant based foods in their original unheated ( less than 48 deg C /118 F) are considered raw and alive.

Something magical happens at or below that temperature. The precious life force & enzymes of food remain intact to digest food and repair cellular damage thus creating an alkaline body for healthy happy longetivity.

“PuraVida” is an attempt to introduce food from an energetic perspective which was one of the significant subjects in traditional medicine. Introducing the properties of different foods and how they can help in improving various physical and psychological ailments is our goal.

We focus on Spiritual Nutrition a more holistic approach about how to eat, & live in a way to enhance our communion with divine.